In ‘One Yellow Door’ Rebecca de Saintonge explores how caring for a loved one, long-term, can challenge your faith and threaten your personal survival.

This website is a place for us to share experiences of illness and caring, and to explore faith in the light of doubt and suffering.

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The body: questions of survival

Only those who have looked after a loved one with dementia know the complexity of emotions you struggle with: the daily grief, the painful pretence of normality, the fatigue. You struggle to survive as your own life is gradually overwhelmed. And who looks after you? How do you stay alive?

We hope this website will provide a safe place to share the challenges of caring and surviving.

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  • Living creatively in a diminishing space

    As your partner becomes less able, their world shrinks around them, and so does your own, so how do you survive and find a way to live creatively within this diminishing space? Rebecca de Saintonge found a way.

  • Contented Dementia - a strange title for a comforting and helpful book

    Fearful of what the future held for her husband and herself, Ros Smith found this book full of common sense,  sympathetic understanding and practical help for both coping and enjoying life, despite its challenges.

  • Dead and alive: the awful paradox of dementia

    It’s a journey into oblivion: nursing a loved one through years of illness often means losing yourself along the way.

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The soul: questions of faith

As my husband’s illness progressed, my faith faltered in the light of his suffering. So many things I’d been told to believe no longer made sense. I had to rethink my beliefs and try to find a new spirituality.

Many who read 'One Yellow Door' said they felt the same.

Here is a place to share your thoughts and ideas about rethinking faith.

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  • It's OK to be fluid - faith changes

    Some days an angry atheist, at others a gentle believer, what matters, says David Hayward, is not that our feelings change, but that we have the freedom to keep exploring.

  • Sparks of light

    Every now and then you read a phrase or two that throws out a spark of light, either of new understanding, or of comfort, and so each month we'll be posting a few sparks.

  • Re-thinking the old words to bring new meaning

    A church in Norfolk has re-written some of it's services to express a more reflective approach to spirituality appropriate for the 21st century: Tim Lenton shares his  re-drafting of the Lord's Prayer, taken from an ancient source, but movingly modern.

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