• Finding meaning within suffering

    Viktor Frankl, the Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist, was a holocaust survivor.

  • Forget what you’ve been taught about God. Let silence speak.

    For many, the concept of ‘God’ may still be uncomfortable, or unclear, but the practice of silent prayer, letting go of your own thoughts and allowing the spirit of God to dwell in you, can be the beginning of healing and a new spiritual reality, as Rich Lewis has found out.

  • Living creatively in a diminishing space

    As your partner becomes less able, their world shrinks around them, and so does your own, so how do you survive and find a way to live creatively within this diminishing space? Rebecca de Saintonge found a way.

  • Contented Dementia – a strange title for a comforting and helpful book

    Fearful of what the future held for her husband and herself, Ros Smith found this book full of common sense,  sympathetic understanding and practical help for both coping and enjoying life, despite its challenges.

  • Dead and alive: the awful paradox of dementia

    It’s a journey into oblivion: nursing a loved one through years of illness often means losing yourself along the way.

  • Do we have the right to die?

    Do we have the right to determine the manner and time of our own death? For those who’ve known suffering, the answer may not be clear cut.