• Bad Dad, Good Dad

    How an unexpected sense of Christ’s presence gave Tony Hemmings the permission to express his anger and experience a Father’s love.

  • Forget what you’ve been taught about God. Let silence speak.

    For many, the concept of ‘God’ may still be uncomfortable, or unclear, but the practice of silent prayer, letting go of your own thoughts and allowing the spirit of God to dwell in you, can be the beginning of healing and a new spiritual reality, as Rich Lewis has found out.

  • It’s OK to be fluid – faith changes

    Some days an angry atheist, at others a gentle believer, what matters, says David Hayward, is not that our feelings change, but that we have the freedom to keep exploring.

  • Sparks of light

    Every now and then you read a phrase or two that throws out a spark of light, either of new understanding, or of comfort, and so each month we’ll be posting a few sparks.

  • Re-thinking the old words to bring new meaning

    A church in Norfolk has re-written some of it’s services to express a more reflective approach to spirituality appropriate for the 21st century: Tim Lenton shares his  re-drafting of the Lord’s Prayer, taken from an ancient source, but movingly modern.

  • The stalking God

    We’ve made a monster out of God and caused generations of pain to the human race with an over-emphasis on ‘sin’.