About the book, the website, and how to contribute

  One Yellow Door

 “A small book about all the truly big things: love, loss, tragedy, joy, purpose, pain and laughter. Shot through with courage, faith and a fierce, heart-breaking tenderness” – Sara Maitland, author of ‘A Book of Silence’.

‘One Yellow Door’ is a love story with three strands, two human and one divine. It’s the story of how I nursed my husband Jack through 10 years of Lewy Body Dementia and how we kept laughter alive, even as he gradually faded away.

It’s also about my own struggle to survive. I did so by having a parallel relationship. The book explores the complex moral and emotional questions this involved. Many people in similar circumstances find comfort and companionship elsewhere, but few talk about it for fear of condemnation.

The book is also an exploration of faith. How does a traditional faith stand up in the face of such suffering? Mine did not, but years after Jack’s death I discovered a new, deeper spirituality. Getting in touch with these liberating ways of interpreting the Christian message, and with other people who asked similar questions, was a revelation. It was freedom.

The website

This website is set up so you can contribute if you have faced the challenges of looking after a loved one, or have struggled with making sense of faith in the light of your experiences. It’s a place where we can  share insights and experiences, and hopefully, a place of encouragement and new ways of looking – at our beliefs and at our circumstances.

So whatever your interest – body or soul (or both) – feel free to comment on pieces posted on the site, or submit your ideas directly to us here at: info@lifelinespress.co.uk

If you prefer to use a pseudonym we will keep your identity private.

About Rebecca

Rebecca de Saintonge, co-founder of LifeLines Press is a biographer, editor and mentor to new writers.

For many years an investigative journalist with the BBC and Granada Television, she specialised in programmes on social justice, the penal system and religious affairs. She has also written for a number of publications including The Times, The Telegraph, The Weekend Guardian, The Independent and Third Way.

Her biography of the Afrikaner anti-apartheid campaigner Nico Smith, ‘Outside the Gate’, was re-issued in March this year. It is available as an ebook and on Kindle.

Rebecca left the Church of England and is now a Quaker.